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Insight - India’s growing thirst for wine

21 Mar 2018 Wine India

In a country with a billion-plus population and 485 million people above the legal drinking age, India is a market with many opportunities for Australia’s winemakers.

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Insight - Shenzhen: China’s technology and innovation hub

5 Feb 2018 China

Shenzhen is one of China’s most dynamic and exciting cities, with a strong reputation for innovation and technology, thanks to its fast prototyping industry, extensive partner networks and supportive ...

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Insight - What makes the San Francisco Bay Area ecosystem what it is?

31 Jan 2018 United States of America

The United States is one of the world’s most competitive economies—the World Economic Forum (WEF) ranks it second, behind only Switzerland.

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Insight - Australian investment in Brazil is bigger than you think

11 Jan 2018 Brazil

A comprehensive stocktake of Australia’s business presence and investment position in Brazil recently completed by Austrade Sao Paulo provides compelling reading.

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