India ready to put Australian meat on the menu

22 Jan 2014

Australian meat is back on the menu in Indian hotels, restaurants and specialised retail chains after more than a decade, thanks to changes in India’s import certification.

Exports of pork, sheep and goat meat from Australia to India have resumed after a 2013 agreement negotiated by the Department of Agriculture.

According to surveys cited by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the United States Department of Agriculture, 20 to 42 per cent of the Indian population is vegetarian. However, a significant percentage of the Indian population consume meat, and Australia is well positioned to meet some of this demand.

Australian meat is recognised internationally for its high quality and great taste. High standards of food safety and traceability make it particularly appealing to international hotel chains and restaurants.

There is a strong awareness of Australia as a producer of high-quality food among the Indian middle class, and celebrity chefs like Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris have a huge following in the sub-continent after the success of “MasterChef Australia” there.

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