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FTAs help gourmet Victorian goats’ cheese crack US market

13 Dec 2019 United States of America

Victoria’s iconic Meredith Dairy brand has leapt from local farmer’s markets to smart New York delis in just 15 years.

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Alchemy Cordial Drinks to Export Success

9 Sep 2019 Fiji Vietnam Singapore United States of America Mexico

Australia’s free trade agreements have helped Queensland business Alchemy Cordial to find new markets for its cordials and syrups. Exports now comprise 15 per cent of the company’s turnover.

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Australian company transforming prescription management

12 Aug 2019 United States of America

ScalaMed is transforming prescription management for patients in the US with a world-first idea generated out of Australia. As a thought-leader in healthtech capability, this innovative company is enh ...

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Win-win results at home and away for cybersecurity hotshot

2 Apr 2019 United States of America ICT

San Francisco flip-up powers overseas market growth and staff increases in Australia for Queensland-founded IT security specialist, Arkose Labs.

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Agtech in Australia: Driving IOT connectivity for farming

13 Feb 2019 United States of America Agtech

As a longstanding hub for innovation in agriculture and food technology (agtech and foodtech), Australia has been recognised as an emerging global leader in Agriculture 4.0

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Adelaide to Houston: Digital Health Startup Takes the Leap

23 Jan 2019 United States of America Health and Medical

Spending time at Houston’s Texas Medical Center (TMC) – the world’s largest medical precinct – helped digital health company Personify Care achieve its US objectives.

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HubSpot: Local demand brings US software firm to Australia

10 Dec 2018 United States of America ICT

Australia’s strong economic growth, proximity to Asia and, above all, appetite for smart technology convinced American software company HubSpot to set up an office in the country.

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Turning raw data into retail insights

8 May 2018 China Japan United States of America ICT

Australian firm HIVERY has solved business problems in the retail and FMCG sectors in Australia, the US, Japan and China using artificial intelligence (AI), helping customers generate ROI never seen b ...

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Hard work pays off for Acendre with successful US expansion

18 Jan 2018 United States of America

Eighteen months after setting up in the US, Acendre secured its first enterprise-level customer, the US Department of Agriculture.

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