Transcript - Mining Indaba 2014 - Lee Ewing, JKTech

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>>Lee Ewing: The Australian Mining companies can expand their presence in Africa by looking at collaborations with local companies, i.e. SMEs, consultants and joining with the big mining houses in following up with the research and putting back into the industry ‘cause this not only affects Africa but globally as well. So JKTech, we’ve actually aligned ourselves with the universities within South Africa, so we work with the University of Pretoria, the University of Cape Town, and Wits University, and that is part of our risk management program.

So one of our products is Greenline Mining and it’s an integrated and holistic approach to the operating assets that generates value by understanding the specific levers of value of an operation and ensuring that this can be leveraged for maximum return, including those aspects associated with stakeholder approval, start-up and shutdown. This program is exclusively developed for resource companies with a suitable level of maturity and the... It’s pretty much the perfect set of tools because it helps your company achieve sustainability excellence in respect of licence to operate while staying ahead of the cost curve to improve profitability in the ever changing environment we operate in.

JKTech’s motivation for seeking business within Africa is literally to expand the business because we already operate on a global scale and the original decision of coming to Africa was to... because there was such a need for our product in risk management, which is called GMIRM, and that stands for Global Minerals Industry Risk Management, and that program was developed in association with Anglo-American and has had huge impacts and affect in a positive way in the risk management of businesses.


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