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  1. search file icon1. FTA gives premium Australian wines a first-mover advantage in India - Success stories    Australia, India FTA helps Barossa vineyard, Torbreck expand its presence in India.  - Last Modified 6 Dec 2022
  2. search file icon2. Australia’s advanced manufacturing sharpens focus on India - Success stories    Australian engineering company, LaserBond, is expanding in India. Local Austrade advisers helped.  - Last Modified 2 Dec 2022
  3. search file icon3. Aussie student recruitment platform bets big on India - Success stories    Australia’s largest student recruitment marketplace, Global Study Partners (GSP), is betting big on India.  - Last Modified 11 Aug 2022
  4. search file icon4. Cochlear trailblazes Australian medtech in India - Success stories    The new Australia–India trade agreement will help Cochlear brings its hearing implant technology to thousands more people in India.  - Last Modified 21 Jun 2022
  5. search file icon5. Aussie respiratory device maker, AirPhysio expands in India - Success stories    NSW-based AirPhysio is exporting its breathing device to India. The new Australia-India trade agreement is helping.  - Last Modified 2 Jun 2022
  6. search file icon6. Leggo’s launches classic Italian food brands in India via e-commerce - Success stories    Food manufacturer Simplot Australia has used e-commerce platforms to launch its Leggo’s brand of Italian themed pestos and sauces in India.  - Last Modified 15 Jul 2021
  7. search file icon7. Austrade helps Australian road-tech company accelerate into India - Success stories    Road safety technology company Acusensus is on a mission to reduce road deaths globally – and it recently cracked the Indian market.  - Last Modified 23 Apr 2021
  8. search file icon8. Online strategy drives growth for Australian icon, Swisse, in India  - Success stories    E-commerce is a game-changer for Australian brands exporting consumer goods to India. With the help of Austrade advisors in Melbourne and New Delhi, the supplements icon, Swisse, launched with Amazon India in February 2020, driving strong sales growth across the subcontinent.  - Last Modified 20 Oct 2020
  9. search file icon9. Mineral Technologies shares secrets of success in India - Success stories    Mineral Technologies reveals seven success factors for its flourishing business in India.  - Last Modified 27 Jul 2020
  10. search file icon10. Berton Vineyards looks to India for new opportunities - Success stories    Berton Vineyards was founded in 1996 by Bob Berton, who is also the Managing Director. The winery is based in the New South Wales rural township of Yenda, in the Riverina wine-growing region around 550 kilometres southwest of Sydney.  - Last Modified 17 Jul 2020
  11. search file icon11. Deakin University shows how long-term investment in India pays dividends - Success stories    Deakin University’s partnership with IIT Madras highlights how a multi-faceted approach to the market yields positive results.  - Last Modified 21 Jan 2020
  12. search file icon12. San Remo creates an appetite for Australian pasta in India - Success stories    San Remo, the privately owned pasta and speciality foodmaker, sees increasing demand and retail sophistication as key to its growth plans for India.  - Last Modified 2 Dec 2019
  13. search file icon13. A picture of health: Aussie med-tech startup checks into India’s post-COVID boom - Success stories    Lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing. There’s no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic response transformed many aspects of our lives. None more so than the way we manage our health and connect with medical providers.  - Last Modified 2 Dec 2022
  14. search file icon14. India’s tech expertise boosts data group’s global growth - Success stories    Australian headquartered share registry specialist, Link Group has expanded rapidly in India since setting up in Mumbai in 2008.  - Last Modified 5 Sep 2022
  15. search file icon15. Australian METS breaks new ground in India’s booming coalmining sector - Success stories    VLI is a mining equipment technology and services (METS) company that is growing steadily in India’s mining sector. The company’s underground diesel transport vehicles are helping improve output and safety at some of India’s largest underground coalmines.  - Last Modified 5 Aug 2021
  16. search file icon16. Australian METS helps India’s power plants tackle air pollution - Success stories    Queensland METS company, RTI, is now exporting ore-monitoring technology to Indian power stations.  - Last Modified 13 Jul 2021
  17. search file icon17. Australia's Rubicon Water improves water efficiency for India's farmers - Success stories    Rubicon Water shows how innovative Australian technology and a consistent market focus can lead to commercial success in India.  - Last Modified 14 Jan 2020
  18. search file icon18. RMIT brings a slice of Australian education to India’s hill stations - Success stories    RMIT has been holding a series of Summer Schools in India’s north and is considering a Winter School in the south.  - Last Modified 16 Dec 2019
  19. search file icon19. Tritium to work with TATA AutoComp to supply DC fast chargers for electric vehicles - Success stories    India’s highly respected TATA Group has selected Australian industry leader Tritium for its DC fast-charging expertise.  - Last Modified 17 Jul 2020
  20. search file icon20. Australia's Macquarie University leads the way in executive education - Success stories    Macquarie Business School shows how specialist executive education can help drive growth in a major market like India.  - Last Modified 9 Jan 2020
  21. search file icon21. Bringing foods with health benefits to the world - Success stories    As the number of people with diabetes and food allergies increases worldwide, SalDoce Fine Foods has found a ready market for its gluten-free, vegan and plant-based protein products, which provide healthy and great-tasting alternatives.  - Last Modified 18 Feb 2020
  22. search file icon22. Almonds: The little nut that cracked the big export game - Success stories    The Australian almond industry is planting new crops using sustainable farming practices to meet a growing global demand for the healthy nut.  - Last Modified 12 Jul 2022
  23. search file icon23. Powerledger: The world’s first ‘new energy’ trading platform - Success stories    Powerledger has developed the world’s first renewable energy blockchain trading platform. Its software allows consumers and producers to track, trace and trade every kilowatt of energy that is produced off-grid.  - Last Modified 17 Dec 2021
  24. search file icon24. Austrade’s advisers help NSW medtech enter 18 new markets - Success stories    AirPhysio shows how Australian medtech can expand globally ultra-fast. In the space of just one year, AirPhysio has begun selling to 50 new countries.  - Last Modified 1 Aug 2022
  25. search file icon25. Who’s your daddy: Australian bulls spread their seed worldwide  - Success stories    Genetics Australia is exporting Australian cattle genetics to Pakistan, helping improve the quality of its dairy herd.  - Last Modified 27 Jun 2022