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  1. search file icon1. Critical minerals to India - Industries    There are opportunities for Australian businesses to partner with India in critical minerals projects.  - Last Modified 11 Aug 2021
  2. search file icon2. Premium food and beverage to India - Industries    There are opportunities for premium Australian products in India’s food and beverage sector.  - Last Modified 5 May 2021
  3. search file icon3. Personal care and cosmetics to India - Industries    There is strong potential for Australian exporters in India’s personal care and cosmetics sector. Find out about market size and trends.  - Last Modified 15 Apr 2021
  4. search file icon4. Food and agribusiness to India - Industries    Australia’s ‘clean, green’ foods have a great brand reputation in India. There are also improved prospects for finding new customers, with an increase in e-commerce channels and supermarkets.  - Last Modified 15 Apr 2021
  5. search file icon5. Education to India - Industries    India’s education market is large. There is growing demand for high-quality education and skills training.  - Last Modified 29 Mar 2021
  6. search file icon6. Mining and resources to India - Industries    Privatisation and policy reform are transforming India’s mining and resources sector. Demand is strong as domestic consumption drives output.  - Last Modified 25 Nov 2020
  7. search file icon7. Infrastructure to India - Industries    The Indian government’s National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) sets out opportunities for key greenfield and brownfield projects across economic and social infrastructure sub sectors.  - Last Modified 25 Nov 2020
  8. search file icon8. Healthcare to India - Industries    India’s healthcare sector is growing fast. Driving demand are: rising income, increased health awareness and easy access to insurance.  - Last Modified 1 Apr 2021
  9. search file icon9. Tracks to India: Opportunities for the Australian Rail Industry report - Industries    Tracks to India: Opportunities for the Australian Rail Industry report. Rail Report - 11Dec2018.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 14 Dec 2018
  10. search file icon10. Singareni Collieries Company Limited customer profile  - Industries    The Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) is a Public Sector coal mining company jointly owned by the State Government of Telangana and the Government of India on a 51:49 equity basis. SCCL coal reserves stretch across 350 km of the Pranahita – Godavari Valley of Telangana with proven geological reserves of about 8791 million tonnes. COLLIERIES COMPANY LIMITED.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 1 Sep 2017
  11. search file icon11. Hindustan Zinc Limited customer profile - Industries    Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) is a Vedanta Group Company. HZL is an integrated mining and resources producer of zinc, lead, silver and cadmium and is the world’s second largest zinc producer and is among the leading global lead and silver producers.  - Last Modified 23 Jun 2017