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  1. search file icon1. Insight – Opportunities for premium wine in India under Australia-India trade agreement - Insights    The Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement will reduce tariffs on wine exports to India when it comes into force.  - Last Modified 10 Nov 2022
  2. search file icon2. Insight – First in-transit phosphine fumigated Australian lentils land in India - Insights    The first shipment of Australian lentils under the in-transit phosphine fumigation trial has arrived in India.  - Last Modified 10 Nov 2022
  3. search file icon3. Insight – India extends zero-tariff rate for lentils - Insights    The Indian Government has reduced tariffs on lentil imports. This creates opportunities for Australian exporters.  - Last Modified 27 Sep 2022
  4. search file icon4. Insight – Export opportunities increase as India reduces tariff on lentils - Insights    On 13 February 2022, India reduced the tariff on lentils to nil until 30 September 2022 for all countries except the United States. Lentils from the United States will still be subject to a 33% tariff, down from 55%. The tariff reduction will make Australian lentils (HS0713.40.00) more competitive in the India market.  - Last Modified 22 Feb 2022
  5. search file icon5.  Insight - Fresh opportunities as electric vehicles power up in India - Insights    The Indian Government wants to accelerate the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its clean energy policy.  - Last Modified 29 Jan 2021
  6. search file icon6. Insight – Export opportunities in India’s booming grocery and food sector - Insights    India’s booming grocery and food sector offers strong opportunities for Australian food and beverage exports.  - Last Modified 19 Jul 2022
  7. search file icon7. Insight - India continues suspension of quantitative restrictions on imports of mungbeans, pigeon peas and urad (vigna mungo) - Insights    The Indian Government has extended the temporary removal of quantitative restrictions on imports of mungbeans, pigeon pea and urad until 31 March 2023.  - Last Modified 7 Apr 2022
  8. search file icon8. Insight - Smart warehousing catches on as India’s logistics sector takes off - Insights    India’s A$278 billion logistics industry is changing fast. The Government is liberalising a number of industry sectors. Road and rail networks are being upgraded. Freight corridors are being built. Supply chain operators are radically up-grading warehousing standards, systems and design in response.  - Last Modified 8 Jun 2021
  9. search file icon9. Insight - How to succeed in India’s METS sector - Insights    In December 2020, India’s Government released its new Australia Economic Strategy. This identified Australian METS as a valuable partner in the ongoing liberalisation of India’s mining sector. With 1,500 mines in operation in India, new developments are creating fresh opportunities for Australian companies.  - Last Modified 15 Apr 2021
  10. search file icon10. Insight – Australian exporters to benefit from growing global appetite for sheepmeat - Insights    Australian exporters are likely to benefit from the growing global demand for sheepmeat.  - Last Modified 15 Nov 2022
  11. search file icon11. Insight – Australian exporters to benefit from long-term increase in global demand for wheat - Insights    Rising demand for wheat worldwide is likely to benefit Australian grain exporters.  - Last Modified 5 Dec 2022
  12. search file icon12. Insight – How biofuels and rising incomes impact grain and oilseed demand - Insights    Growing demand for biofuels and animal feed for livestock should strengthen prices for grain and oilseed in the coming decade.  - Last Modified 28 Sep 2022
  13. search file icon13. Insight – Opportunities for Australian agricultural exports in Vietnam - Insights    There are strong opportunities to export meat, wheat, cotton and dairy products to Vietnam.  - Last Modified 29 Sep 2022
  14. search file icon14. Insight – High food prices drive rise in export restrictions - Insights    Countries around the world are introducing food export restrictions in response to global events.  - Last Modified 25 May 2022
  15. search file icon15. Insight – High global food prices present opportunities for Australian agriculture exporters - Insights    Global food prices have risen to their highest level since June 2011. Price rises are being driven by poor growing conditions in some production regions. Steep increases in logistics and fertiliser costs worldwide are also leading to higher prices.  - Last Modified 4 Jan 2022
  16. search file icon16. Insight – Australia’s A$7 billion cyber security opportunity - Insights    Australia is looking for new solutions to bolster its cyber security capability and fight cybercrimes.  - Last Modified 30 Nov 2022