Austrade Strategy 2018-2022

Austrade’s strategic priorities focus on transforming our business and include:

  • Strengthening client service delivery
  • Partnering for success
  • Promoting Australia and its capability internationally
  • Expanding our policy influence
  • Developing talent
  • Embracing digital first
  • Enhancing our commercial intelligence capability
  • Operating with agility

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Austrade's strategy puts the client at the centre

Austrade Organisational Capability Assessment

The rate of change within Austrade’s and our clients’ global operating environment is rapid – driven by digital transformation, and significant geo-political, economic and demographic shifts. Over the next five years, these shifts will create new challenges and opportunities for Austrade, our partners and our clients.

In 2017, Austrade commissioned the Australian Public Service Commission to undertake an Organisational Capability Assessment to assess Austrade’s ability to operate successfully in a future context. Led by the Hon Warwick Smith AM and Mr Andrew Metcalfe AO, the Organisational Capability Assessment made a number of observations about what we can and should do in response to future challenges and opportunities. Implementation of the report’s recommendations is currently underway. The report and our response are available below:

International Network Review

One of the key recommendations of the OCA was that Austrade should review its offshore operations to ensure that resources are directed to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, economy and government. From June to September 2018, Austrade undertook a review of its international network. The review considered the Agency’s footprint, resource distribution and operating practices, and how the network could be optimised. The review made a number of observations and recommendations, these are reflected in the Blueprint for Optimisation of Austrade's International Network.

Read the Blueprint for Optimisation of Austrade's International Network