Peter Horn - Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner & Head of UK, Europe, Russia and Israel, Australian Consulate-General, Frankfurt/Germany

Peter Horn

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Peter Horn is Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner and Head of UK, Europe, Russia and Israel for the Australian Trade and Investment Commission.

Peter has 25 years of investment experience in international markets with extensive experience in Eu-rope and Asia. As the founding CEO of JPMorgan Asset Management (Australia) he was part of the Glob-al Management Team for JPMorgan Asset Management. Peter also served as Chairman and CEO of the Institutional Investor group of companies across Asia Pacific. Earlier in his career Peter was based in London as Head of Equities Europe for CBA (Europe) and also has experience as an analyst with Stand-ard & Poor’s.

Peter started his career with the Productivity Commission in Australia after graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in Economics and from Monash University, Australia. In the not-for-profit sector, Peter is Chair of Investment Committee for the DCA endowment and is a Non-Executive Director of the Cam-bodian Rural Development Team, in Phnom Penh.