Selection Criteria Response

The Selection Criteria highlight the essential components (skills, knowledge, experience, qualities) that are required to perform in the role effectively. Your response to the Selection Criteria should demonstrate how your skills and experience support you as a suitable candidate for the role and allows the selection committee to effectively select candidates to proceed through the next stage of the process, such as an interview.

When applying for a position with Austrade, you will be asked to respond to the selection criteria, either with a statement addressing each criteria or by answering specific questions. If you do not respond to the selection criteria as requested, it is unlikely that your application will support you enough to be selected for interview.

How to Respond to Selection Criteria

It is important to refer to specific examples. Ask yourself: What have I done? To what level of competence? Specifically, how did I obtain that skill/experience?

Some things to avoid:

  • Assertions. Don’t claim a competence or experience, without providing examples, taken from your most relevant career experience, that demonstrate what you are claiming.
  • Generalisation. You should use specific examples not general or vague statements.
  • Restating our own information. We don’t want you to quote back to us the information from our web site or similar. We want to know what you have learned through your career and what you can do, relevant to the job. If you are telling us what you know about something specific, you should also tell us how you gained this knowledge, experience or skill.

You should be able to provide relevant examples. Review the job description and selection criteria and think about what you have done that demonstrates you are capable of performing these duties or that you have relevant experience. If you can’t think of any specific examples you should reconsider applying for the position.

When applying for positions at APS 1-6 level some useful information and tips on how to address selection criteria is available via the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) website Cracking the Code: How to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service.

For more senior positions, Executive Level EL1-2 and Senior Executive Service SES Band1-3 positions it may be useful to consider the APSC Integrated Leadership System, which provides guidance on the behaviours expected of people at each level: Do the examples you have used in your selection criteria responses reflect these behaviours? Please note that you are not expected to provide a separate example for each behaviour.

For further assistance please contact our Recruitment Officer on +61 2 6201 7331.