The selection process

A Selection Committee Panel is formed to conduct the recruitment and selection process and usually comprises two or three staff members. The process usually takes approximately 4-8 weeks.

The Selection Committee assesses all the applications and agrees on a selection of candidates who will progress to the next stage, generally an interview. The selection process typically involves an interview/assessment, reference checking, and, if required, other forms of assessment such as psychometric testing.

Reference checks

Reference checks are performed on those candidates who are deemed to be in strong contention for the role as a result of the interview/assessment process. Candidates will be advised prior to Austrade contacting referees.

The Decision

Once the panel has agreed on the candidate, a report which provides an overview of the selection process, each candidate assessment and the recommendation is provided to the necessary delegates, including Human Resources to endorse both the decision and that a merit process has been undertaken.

Notification of Outcome – Successful/Unsuccessful

A verbal offer will be made to the selected candidate, followed by a written offer.

Candidates not selected for interview are notified accordingly (via email).

Unsuccessful candidates who were interviewed are contacted by a member of the Selection Committee Panel. Feedback may also be provided at this time on request.