The integrated relationship between farmers, industry and research institutions reinforces a drive for innovation that creates dynamic investment and collaboration opportunities for international enterprises.

Global impact for investors

Australia’s capabilities in advanced research and technology testing offer international companies significant opportunities to collaboratively develop, commercialise and scale agtech and foodtech solutions.

“Agriculture is an important sector here, and Cisco saw the opportunity to collaborate with a technically savvy culture and community. Australia is an environment that is primed and ready for the next phase of agriculture innovation, which is agtech.”

Kevin Bloch, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Systems Australia & New Zealand Read more...

Diverse agtech and foodtech capabilities

From robotics and remote sensors to bioscience and advanced food manufacturing solutions, Australian agtech and foodtech solutions are disrupting the global food supply chain.

Australian capabilities and investment opportunities

Australian capabilities and investment opportunities

Source: Capability categories adopted from AgFunder, AgFunder 2017 Year in Review report

Australia’s agtech and foodtech sector

Innovative startups

Australia has a growing agtech startup sector with significant resources and industry-wide support.

“There’s a strong research and scientific background here, a lot of R&D, and a lot of investment. Networks and links between researchers, research institutions, universities and startups are good, and there are investors who support startups.”

Anastasia Volkova, Co-founder and CEO, FluroSat

Australian agtech and foodtech startup map


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Accelerators and incubators

Australia is home to over 15 agtech and foodtech incubators and accelerators spanning urban, regional and rural centres, underpinned by corporate, research and government sponsors.

Accelerators like GrowLab, SproutX and SparkLabsCultiv8 are attracting a mix of local and international startups keen to access the natural advantages and collaborative environment that Australia offers.

Early stage and regional accelerator programs like RocketSeeder, FishX, CottonX, Harvest, The GATE and CSIRO’s ON program offer opportunities for producers, researchers and entrepreneurs to test and develop ideas. Corporate programs include Chobani Incubator and Coca Cola Amatil’s ‘Amatil X’.

“Our strength in agricultural research and natural inventiveness has shown up as really strong producer-led innovation.”

Matthew Pryor, Partner, AgThentic; Co-founder Tenacious Ventures

As well as opportunities to participate or collaborate, international investors such as Asia’s SparkLabs are also investing directly in Australian accelerators and their startups.

Research excellence

Australia’s agricultural sector is one of the least subsidised in the world. Its competitiveness as a global producer and exporter of agriculture and food is testament to the innovation and resilience of Australian farmers, as well as the depth, quality and connectivity of research organisations with industry.

Universities, CSIRO, farmers, food producers and industry groups including Rural Research and Development Corporations and Food Innovation Australia Limited frequently collaborate to develop groundbreaking solutions to global challenges.

Australian agtech and foodtech sector map


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