Australia is a compelling destination to develop, commercialise, scale and source the next generation of agriculture and food technologies.

World-leading producer and exporter

Known globally for its clean, green and safe produce, Australia’s reputation as a leading agricultural producer is well established.

Exporting two-thirds of its agricultural production, Australia is ideally positioned within growing global markets and is well connected through established trade channels and free trade agreements. Australia’s strategic location offers international enterprises an ideal base to build sustainable export businesses.

“Bosch is investing in Australia as an Agriculture 4.0 development hub for three major reasons: its rich history as a world-leading producer of agricultural commodities; the strength of its agricultural research and scientific capabilities; and the food and agriculture industry’s willingness to trial and adopt new solutions. Our investments in and partnerships with Australian institutions is testament to Australia’s strengths in technologies that will lead the next revolution in agriculture.”

Gavin Smith, President, Bosch Australia.

Addressing global trends and challenges

Australia is creating and implementing agtech and foodtech solutions that enable farmers and food producers to manage key challenges. These include increasing production while managing scarce resources, and responding to ever-changing consumer demand for food that is healthy, convenient and traceable.

Track record of innovation

Australian farmers are innovative and have adopted new technologies and practices to drive consistent productivity growth and respond to a sometimes challenging physical environment. They are receptive to, and have a demonstrated appetite for, science and technology-based solutions.

Farmers and entrepreneurs in Australia have developed innovations such as drought-resistant crops, robust irrigation systems and technology that can predict yields and recommend optimal pastures and stocking density.

Thriving agtech and foodtech sector

Australia’s agtech and foodtech sector comprises farmers, as well as over 300 startups, scaleups and enterprises, a rich pool of accelerators and incubators, industry groups, and world-leading universities and research institutions. The strong relationship between farmers, industry and research institutions drives innovation and collaboration.

Research excellence

The quality of food and agriculture research and development in Australia is regarded as among the best in the world. Australia’s universities, research institutions and businesses are developing cutting-edge technologies with strong commercialisation potential. Technologies developed for use in other industries are often modified for use by growers, producers and food manufacturers.

A strong legislative and regulatory regime provides assurance that IP developed through R&D and innovation activities will be protected.

An ideal test market

Australia’s diversity of soils, climates and production systems provide an ideal testing ground to develop solutions that can then be exported around the world. The nation’s high-quality raw materials and ingredients, infrastructure and multicultural population allow organisations to trial and develop solutions relevant to multiple markets.

Strong government support

Australia offers significant government funding and legislative support for agtech and foodtech research, innovation, investment and commercialisation efforts.

Australia's access to growth markets

Australia's access to growth markets