Case Study: IE Asia Pacific

IE Asia Pacific keeps ASEAN airspace safe and efficient

IE Asia Pacific

Founded in September 2009 and based in Canberra, IE Asia Pacific provides performance evaluation products and services for civil and military radar surveillance systems.

IE Asia Pacific's products test an aviation radar system or network of radars at a system - and subsystem - level and the results quantify the performance of the overall system. The business turns over about $5 million per year and is part of a multinational European group called Inventive Engineering.

'If an organisation (civil/military) has radars across the country, we can provide them products that enable them to check the current performance of those systems,' explains Dominic Nadvillaveetil, Marketing Manager, IE Asia Pacific. 'Radar systems are a vital part of the infrastructure that provides safety and integrity to airspace and we help achieve this.'

'The report we provide details whether the system is meeting the required Standards, for example ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) or manufacturer specifications and makes recommendations to correct any problems that may be occurring. A client may then choose to engage us to assist in the restoration of a given issue.'

IE Asia Pacific has been an export oriented company since inception, and has considerable experience in working in the ASEAN region with countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Malaysia has been a key market and IE Asia Pacific is preparing to commence a five-year contract to evaluate a fleet of new and existing radar systems deployed in the country. Simultaneously, the business is preparing to train and transfer knowledge to personnel at Malaysia's aviation authorities. The contract builds on an existing deployment of IE Asia Pacific products and services to the country's civil and military aviation bodies.

In Indonesia, IE Asia Pacific is providing radar testing evaluation products and training services to the country's aviation authorities.

The company has also sold its flagship Surveillance Monitoring System (SMS) to authorities in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and aims to enhance safety through this surveillance monitoring capability across all ASEAN.

Nadvillaveetil points to experience, market knowledge, investment and relationships as keys to the company's success in ASEAN to date.

'One of our directors has lived and worked in Malaysia for eight years and knows the market and our customers very well,' he says. 'In Indonesia, we've invested heavily in developing the market and now share a good relationship with all the government authorities and necessary stakeholders.'

'Another key to IE Asia Pacific's success in the ASEAN markets has been their relationship with local representative companies to help with in-country logistics and business development,' he also adds. 'We are therefore constantly on the lookout for reputable, experienced organisations that are prepared to work with us across the region.' Many government agencies prefer to do business with a foreign company if they are in partnership with a local company that acts as an authorising representative.'

IE Asia Pacific intends to increase its engagement with Austrade and leverage their rich network across the ASEAN region. 'Given Austrade's reach and reputation, we do intend to capitalise further on the Austrade network to build our business in ASEAN and beyond, particularly in the markets where we don't have any presence,' Nadvillaveetil says.