International education data

Austrade provides market intelligence, data and analysis, along with interactive data through MIP orbis, to empower Australia's international education and training sector.

MIP OrbisMIP Orbis interactive data

MIP Orbis, a tool for MIP subscribers that provides easy access to international education data through interactive visualisations. Users can also explore source data to create their own charts and discover trends.

Market dashboards

Interactive dashboards with monthly student enrolment, visa and exports data, plus an overview of in-market opportunities.
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Regional dashboards

Interactive dashboards with monthly student enrolment data by state or territory, ABS remoteness area and Statistical Area level 4.
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Where to compete?

Austrade’s view of broad-based opportunity by sector and market, and likelihood of success via global economic indicators.
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International student data

Monthly enrolment data of international students on a student visa. Public data includes education sector, nationality, state and territory. MIP subscribers can also access data on provider type, region of origin, broad/narrow/detailed field of study and level of study.

Understanding the data

Our guide to data provides an overview of MIP Orbis features, tips to help you use the available international education data, and information about the source data sets.

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