March 2023 Study Australia Roadshow – Philippines – Registrations now open

Key takeaways

  • The number of higher education commencements of Filipino students is at its highest level since 2005.
  • Studies in data analytics, cybersecurity, digital commerce and fintech are of increasing popularity with Filipino students.
  • Major drivers for students are career opportunities, proximity, cost, and presence of family members.
  • Austrade Manila is organising a Study Australia Roadshow from 13-14 March 2023.

Market Insights

The Philippines is one of the top source markets for Australian education providers with significant and uninterrupted growth before the pandemic. The international student market in-country is recovering quickly, with expected annual growth of 10-13% over the next 5 years.

As of November 2022, student numbers are close to pre-pandemic levels. There is optimism that we will exceed our highest pre-pandemic numbers over the next year.

While most Filipino students study vocational education and training (VET) courses, we have observed a surge of interest in higher education. In fact, the number of higher education commencements (as of November 2022) is at its highest since 2005.

Previously a US-focussed market, Filipino students are now more open to alternatives in their choice of overseas study destination. Major drivers for students include career opportunities, proximity, cost, and the presence of family and friends in other countries. There are 18 IB-accredited schools in the Philippines, with more than 2,000 students. Most of the schools authorised to deliver the program are international schools with American, British, European, or other foreign curriculums and academic calendars.

As the country embarks on an ‘Innovation and Digital Transformation’ agenda, gaps have been identified within the existing curriculum. Students and parents are seeking to access internationally recognised qualifications that will ensure a pathway towards employment. Skills in big data, data analytics, cybersecurity, blockchain, digital commerce and fintech are all in high demand.

Beyond health and technology-related skills, hospitality management and sustainable development are also a growth segment. Positive developments in the Philippine mining industry signals a future need for a workforce skilled in environment-management and sustainability capabilities.

Study Australia Road Show

Austrade is re-introducing the Study Australia Roadshow in 2023. We will be bringing together Australian universities, select international schools and private schools in Manila and Laguna. Students, parents and school counsellors will have the opportunity to better understand Australian programs, scholarships, campus life and more, directly from Australian university representatives.

The program will include market briefings by Austrade Manila, the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


If you are interested in participating, please contact Kimberley Cuesta, Austrade Manila, or register directly on the website.