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Austrade and FutureLearn sign 5 year strategic agreement

24 Feb 2021

Building on the success of the award-winning Study with Australia campaign, Future Learn and Austrade have signed a five year strategic agreement.

The agreement, announced today by Dan Tehan MP Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment and Alan Tudge MP Minister for Education and Youth will showcase Australia’s world-class education and online learning offering to more than 12 million learners globally.

The pilot program featured free online short courses offered by 20 Australian education providers. The new agreement builds on this to enable high-quality Australian education providers across all sub-sectors to participate on a no-cost entry, fee revenue-share basis.

Providers interested in participating should contact Ella Hyatt, ANZ Program Manager at FutureLearn.


Since the start of the pandemic, our sector has adapted quickly to ‘Study with Australia’ through online delivery. The size of the global online delivery market is growing quickly, with significant opportunities for expansion and diversification.

Online short course delivery enables providers to showcase brand, product and capability to a global audience, reaching new markets and engaging new learners. It also enables current and prospective students, as well as our global alumni, to stay connected with Australia.

Short courses can offer ‘try before you buy’ and ‘stackable’ options that earn study credits towards longer qualifications. Results from a pilot program showed rates of enrolment conversion from short courses into full qualifications much higher than program targets.

FutureLearn is a key partner in our collective ‘Study with Australia’ efforts, with our first collaboration resulting in over 836,000 enrolments globally.

To find out more about the Study with Australia pilot program outcomes, go to IEAA Excellence Awards and view the video, or download the pilot program report.