Business Development Manager Update: Faisal Abdulhadi - Austrade Riyadh

13 Dec 2021

Faisal Abdulhadi, Business Development Manager in Saudi Arabia, shares a market update on the trends and opportunities across Saudi Arabia. Specific market intelligence on stakeholder mapping is identified in engaging opportunities for student recruitment through edtech and technical vocational education and training (TVET).

My name is Faisal Abdulhadi. I am the Business Development Manager for Austrade in Saudi Arabi and I cover Saudi Arabi, Oman, Bahrain, and Egypt. Today I will speak about the Saudi Arabia market, and specifically about the TVET and edtech sectors.

Market Update

Saudi Arabia represents a very attractive value proposition for any institution looking to establish in the Saudi market, due to the status of the Saudi Arabian market as it is the largest economy in the region. Saudi Arabia also has a well-established development strategy and a diversification plan, that is within the vision 2030. TVTC is the Technical and Vocational Training Commission, which is the regularity body for the VET sector in Saudi Arabia and working with the Minister of Education is very important to ensure that the outcomes and high school graduates are ready to be placed into the labour market.

Finally, Saudi is investing a lot of money in developing knowledge and competencies, and the reason is that they want to bridge down the gap in skills and develop more Saudi talent for the future. Saudi Arabia is building massive giga projects such as NEOM, Red Sea, and Qiddiya.

Technical Vocation Education and Training

Specifically, about the TVET sector, if we talk about the eco-system, we have identified the key stakeholders in Saudi Arabia. So, the Minister of Education sits on the top, and the Minister of Education of course sets the overall standards of the country’s educational system, public and private, and underneath it is the Technical and Vocational Training Commission, which regulates and manages the VET sector in Saudi Arabi. TVTC manages around 63 institutions and supports 35 colleges of technology and around 15 higher technical institution. And they also offer around 61 programs that are designed to meet the labour market needs.

In mapping stakeholders for Australian providers interested in the TVET sector, we have named a subsidiary of the TVTC, which is called the College of Excellence. This College of Excellence has different departments and different units, and different opportunities within the College of Excellence. There is also the ITC; which is the International Technical Colleges opportunities, then there is also the SP; which are the Strategic Partnership projects. Also included is the CBC; which is the Capability Building Contracts, the CTS; which is the Customised Training Services, and if you would like to learn more about each unit please feel free to reach out to us.


For the edtech sector stakeholder mapping, Austrade has identified the key players in the eco-system, of course starting with the Minister of Education which is the regulatory body and the body that sets the overall standards for the country’s educational system. There are around ten new agencies that have been introduced, 54 public administration and new commercial arms. Within all these changes, there is an organisation named Tatweer Holding, they are the main player in Saudi Arabia for the edtech sector.

Some opportunities that we have identified in the edtech sector, include seeking integrated solutions for school development, so they can move from a centralised organisation to a balanced decentralised organisation, through IT transformation. Opportunities also seek integrated solutions for the management of educational and organisational programs and projects, interested organisations in Saudi Arabia are looking for integrated solutions for professional development and training, they’re also looking for integrated solutions for early childhood development, which is a hot topic. Creating visual education programs for parents and stakeholders, and to support children’s growth and the development of eLearning in kindergarten curriculums. Finally, organisations are seeking content development and eSolutions.

This is a brief about the Saudi Arabian market, and specifically about the TVET and edtech. There is a lot of information that we can share, please feel free to reach out to us and we would be more than happy to support you.

Faisal Abdulhadi — Business Development Manager, Austrade Riyadh.