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Contribute to new Vietnam and Indonesia Market Action Plans

07 Feb 2018

Vietnam’s middle class is expected to rise to 33 million in 2020, which should lead to more demand for services. Indonesia’s middle class is also growing and combined with an IT-savvy youth should drive overall productivity and economic growth. How should Australia position its international education sector to capture this growth? An upcoming market survey will give the sector a chance to offer real input into how Australia approaches these key markets.

English Australia and International Education Association of Australia (IEAA), on behalf of Austrade, are leading consultations to gather the views of the sector to develop Market Action Plans that will help us improve Australia’s competitive position by:

  • prioritising the opportunities that these markets offer
  • understanding the barriers that limit our success in these markets
  • recognising the threats that challenge our efforts to succeed in these markets.

Together, we can provide critical input into what will work best for the long-term sustainability of international education in these markets.

Austrade is now undertaking a market survey to give the sector a chance to offer real input into how Australia approaches these key markets. Your responses to the survey, along with secondary research, will inform a series of sector consultations with the final Market Action Plans released later in 2018. Click here to complete the survey. The survey is open until 9 March 2018.

This important project is funded under the Enabling Growth and Innovation projects as part of the National Strategy for International Education and in line with the AIE2025 Roadmap.

For further information or if you have any questions, contact English Australia or IEAA.

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