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Course search tool - Study Australia

04 Aug 2020

International students now have the ability to search and enquire to a comprehensive list of CRICOS registered Australian education providers, via a new course search function on the Study Australia website

We are committed to:

  1. Ensuring students and parents have access to a central source of authoritative information and can navigate their study options in Australia with clarity, confidence and ease.
  2. Supporting Australia’s International Education sector, providers and agents.
  3. Complying with data sharing and privacy guidelines.


  • The Study Australia website is managed by Austrade on behalf of the Australian Government and is an important channel of information for students. The site receives approximately 2.1 million unique visitors and 5.4 million page views per annum.
  • Austrade, along with all state and territory study destination agencies, have united under the Study Australia Partnership, to promote Australia and to develop joined up communications during COVID.
  • Digital transformation of http://www.studyaustralia.gov.au is a priority for Austrade and the sector. Through our engagement with the sector and the Study Australia partners, two areas of action were identified for 2020 - course search functionality and mapping tools to support destination (regional) promotion.
  • Austrade working with technology service provider, IDP Connect, through its subsidiary Hotcourses Pty Ltd, to deliver the course search functionality. IDP Connect offers a course search functionality that is currently used by Study Melbourne, Study Adelaide, and Study Queensland and directs leads/enquiries to their local institutions.

Benefit to students

  • We are committed to ensuring students have central, authoritative information and can navigate their study options in Australia with clarity and confidence.
  • Students, parents and agents will benefit from better user experience and access to information via a comprehensive online search function of:
    • Australia’s institutions (Schools, ELICOS, VET and Higher Education)
    • a full range courses (and starts dates, more important than ever during COVID)
    • available scholarships.
    • and filtered search functions on each State and Territory destination page, reducing duplication.

Benefit to providers

  • The platform aims to list Australia’s complete range of CRICOS registered institutions, course and scholarship offerings. And provide a channel for direct enquiries to institutions
  • To ensure your institution details are up to date, visit the search tool to check the current referral and contact studyaustralia@austrade.gov.au for change requests.
  • The platform will also provide a valuable source of insights and evidence to base future student support strategies, enabling the sector to better understand student and consumer demand.

Benefits to agents

  • Study Australia is committed to strengthening relationships with Australia’s international agent network.
  • The functionality offers institutions the flexibility to engage with agents more effectively in digital recruitment and to explore new partnerships/campaigns.

About the Study Australia Partnership

  • All Australian state and territory study destinations are working in partnership with Austrade to deliver information and services to international students. We call this marketing alliance the Study Australia Partnership.
  • We are working together to improve coordination of key information for students and agents. The Study Australia website is just one way we are collaborating. Study Australia partners deliver important services, localised to the needs of their student communities and integrated with other business and community services.

About the collaboration

  • The collaboration between Austrade and IDP Connect is a technology partnership where IDP provide the course, scholarship and institution information, search function and enquiry mechanisms for potential students who are researching their study options on the Study Australia website.
  • Subsequent enquiries generated are for institutions and not owned by IDP or Austrade. IDP immediately generates and sends the email enquiries.
  • This is a white label tech solution which does not have any links out to any of IDP websites. IDP’s contracting entity Hotcourses Pty Ltd is mentioned as the data processor in Austrade’s privacy collection statement associated with the direct enquiry function.
  • The collaboration provides additional lead generation benefit for institutions only.

Student Search Process

  • Students can enter a key word or conduct a category search.
  • If a prospective student is interested in a specific course they can click ‘Enquire’ to bring up a form that collects the prospect’s contact details and generates an email once the prospect clicks on “Send email”.
  • The enquiry form asks for a prospect's name, country, nationality and email. This information is encrypted for transmission to IDP and then sent directly to the selected provider.
  • Enquiry data is not retained beyond a seven-day period and deletion happens daily.IDO staff The provider receives the enquiry and they follow up directly with the student as required. Prospects will be asked to contact the provider directly if they don’t hear back within seven days of submitting the enquiry form.
  • Except for system administrators, IDP staff cannot see the detail shared with the provider or access the enquiry data through their internal dashboards.

Data Source

  • Couse and institutional information are sourced from publicly accessible sources. This includes the CRICOS website and individual institutions websites.
  • The information is updated twice a year under the contract, however - adhoc updates are made as needed – from providers wishing to update their enquiry email address.
  • As the information sourced is freely and publicly accessible, Austrade does not need to have an agreement with each individual provider.
  • This search functionality replaces the previous CRICOS widget on the site that was consistently rated as “unhelpful” by users.
  • To ensure your institution details are up to date, visit the search tool and contact studyaustralia@austrade.gov.au for changes.


  • High level search insights– such as number of enquiries from a region, number of enquiries to a provider, etc. will be monitored and a monthly report to the sector on outcomes will be made available.