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New Study Australia Industry Experience Projects for offshore, online students

11 Jun 2021

Austrade is partnering with Practera, together with State and Territory study destination agencies, to deliver a new Study Australia Industry Experience Projects (SAIEP) program. The pilot phase will focus on engaging offshore student visa holders, currently studying online, in cross-border industry project teams with international and domestic students.

With COVID-19 continuing to disrupt our sector, the Austrade International Education team has been working on a range of new initiatives to maintain engagement with current and prospective international students. Launching in July 2021, the pilot phase of SAIEP has been carefully designed to support and maintain engagement with offshore students who are currently studying online, due to travel restrictions, but seeking to transition back/to Australia to complete their studies on campus.

The program brings together international and domestic students in small teams that will deliver project-based solutions for businesses addressing real-life industry challenges and opportunities. Building peer connections, the program is also designed to creates a sense of belonging for international students, as members of the global Study Australia community and within the broader Australian community and employer network.

During the pilot phase, Austrade will also include employers across Australia and in India, in order to test the value of transnational employer interactions for participating domestic and international students, and to showcase our student talent to international employers.

The program will be launched in July with more information to follow. Outcomes from the SAIEP pilot phase will support Austrade’s promotion of the program for future phases, alongside Australia’s wide range of employability initiatives and opportunities, to key audiences, stakeholders and influencers.

This program will be delivered in partnership with the Study Australia Partnership (SAP) and Australian tertiary education providers. To learn more about how your students can participate in the program, please contact the team at Practera at connect@practera.com. You may also wish to refer the opportunity to your business networks or to offer a project opportunity as a provider to a global student team.