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Region in focus – South Asia

24 Aug 2021

To successfully rebuild requires understanding of the market and customer. Austrade has listened to your feedback and takes seriously our role in assisting the sector to make more data-driven decisions. To that end, Austrade has built and developed our ‘in focus’ series, which provides a suite of market intelligence, data and insights on key markets.

South Asia remains a priority region for Australian education. Despite numerous challenges, particularly in navigating the impact of COVID-19 on student mobility, the opportunity for Australian education providers remains significant.

This is part one of a two part ‘in focus’ toolkit — a curation of new and existing resources that can help you better understand markets in South Asia.

New resources

Existing resources

  • Indian Student Behaviour profile (released July 2020)
    • Behavioural profile of an example Indian student on how they could think, feel and do in order to engage students in market.
  • Indian Future Student Journey Map (released June 2021)
    • Future student journey map over three years outlining an example student based in India considering Australia as a study destination.
  • In Focus — India insights paper (released November 2020)
    • Insights paper that uncovers market changes, global mobility and policy and action areas for organisations interested in engaging the Indian market.
  • Indian students — digital behaviour infographic (released November 2020)
    • Infographic outlining digital behaviours of Indian students, including social media insights and digital penetration statistics.

Part two of this series will feature new resources and analysis and include a focus on Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

If you would like to provide feedback on this resource, please email mip@austrade.gov.au