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Report on LATAM industry skills training opportunities released

22 Nov 2019

Developed by Austrade through research undertaken in Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Argentina the 2019 LATAM Industry Skills Training Opportunities report contributes to a better understanding of the commercial landscape and potential opportunities for Australian education and training providers.

The report focuses on niche areas in key markets in Latin America, in order to provide support to future international growth diversification strategies. The dynamic region of Latin America is emerging as a high-potential market for borderless education, and offers exciting opportunities.

Latin America is Australia’s second-largest source region for international students after Asia, and accounts for 11 per cent of commencements, up from 4 per cent in 2005. While double-digit growth has powered Latin America’s rise to become a key contributor of students onshore, little has been said about the opportunity the region presents in borderless education.

This report seeks to address that by exploring the skills challenges in the region and the willingness of the corporate sector to pay external providers, including Australian institutions, to deliver training solutions.



2019 LATAM Industry Skills Training Opportunities report