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Study Australia Industry Experience Program

21 Dec 2021

In July 2021, together with State and Territory Study Australia Partnership (SAP) members, Australian providers and industry program experts Practera, Austrade launched phase one of a four-phase, one-year pilot Study Australia Industry Experience Program (SAIEP).

SAIEP offers free virtual placements to international students and transcends borders within and outside of Australia. It teams current international students onshore and offshore with small groups of Australian and other international students. These teams work directly with businesses on real-world projects, providing mutual benefits to students and businesses alike. The program offers students the opportunity to apply their knowledge, enjoy an enhanced ‘work integrated learning’ student experience, demonstrate their skills and capability, and build international peer-to-peer networks.

Outcomes from phase one included that 94 per cent of SAIEP student participants planned to include their participation on their CV to enhance their employment prospects, 91 per cent of students would recommend SAIEP to a friend and 87 per cent of businesses would recommend the program to their networks.

The phase two pilot cohort in November 2021 comprised 625 students from 27 institutions and six states and territories, working on 107 client projects with Australian and Indian businesses. We are still awaiting the final results of this cohort but expect a similar positive experience from both students and businesses as was delivered by the first. A tailored SAIEP program will run during Dubai World Expo in early 2022.

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