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Study Australia Industry Experience Program update

06 Sep 2021

In partnership with all state and territory study destination agencies, and as part of the Digital Education Hub initiative, Austrade launched a new Study Australia Industry Experience Program (SAIEP) in July 2021. The July pilot forms the first phase of a year long, four-phase program, delivered by Practera and involves education providers across Australia.

The SAIEP has been carefully designed to support and maintain engagement with international students who are currently located offshore, due to travel restrictions, but seeking to transition back/to Australia to complete their studies on campus.

In order to build diverse student teams, enhance the online student experience and foster peer-to-peer connections, the July pilot phase placed offshore student visa holders into small industry project teams with other international and Australian students. These student teams then worked together directly with employers in Australia and globally on short industry projects.

The July phase brought together 219 international and domestic students from 10 Australian tertiary institutions into 36 small teams that delivered project-based solutions for 26 Australian and Indian businesses that addressed real-life industry challenges and opportunities. With 91 per cent of the participating students willing to recommend the program to their peers, and 94 per cent of students intending to list the experience on their CV, the program assisted students in building peer connections and developing their global employability skills. It also served to creating a sense of belonging to the global Study Australia community, as well as the broader Australian community and business networks.

During the July pilot phase, 26 employers across Australia and India offered a transnational business opportunity for participating domestic and international students, and showcased our student talent to international employers. With 87 per cent of the respondent business participants willing to recommend the program to their networks and colleagues, employers also deemed the student teams’ business insights to be of high quality and providing assistance to them in their decision making capabilities.

The July phase report, details student and business outcomes and provides testimonials from participating students and businesses.

The second phase of SAIEP will run from 29 November to 10 December 2021. To learn more about how your students can participate in the upcoming intake, please visit the Study Australia Industry Experience Program website or contact the team at Practera directly at saiep@practera.com.

You may also wish to refer the opportunity to your business networks or to offer a project opportunity as a provider to a global student team. Once again, please connect with the team at Practera to discuss your project opportunity.

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