Study Australia launches career matcher tool for students

01 Mar 2022


Austrade is proud to launch its newest student engagement tool, the Study Australia Career Matcher, as part of the ongoing Digital Education Hub and Employability Hub programs. Students interested in studying with Australia are now one step closer to knowing the careers and courses that best suit their personality profile, natural strengths, and talents.

The Career Matcher is a powerful assessment tool that matches a student’s personality type to the most suitable Australian courses and careers. Fast and precise, the tool delivers a customised report designed to motivate students by recommending future jobs that match their strengths. Students are then encouraged to access Study Australia’s comprehensive course search function to find courses that meet their most suited careers.

Quiz takers receive a personalised 14-page Study Australia career personality report, as well as custom Engineering, Technology and Study Guide reports. The reports build confidence in the students choices by creating a positive self-image and awareness of their capabilities and employability skills.

The unique proprietary algorithm is delivered in partnership with My Career Match. The functionality, first launched in 2007, has been used by over 1200 institutions both in Australia and globally, helping close to one million students with career decisions. With over 4750 combinations, student responses are matched to 16 personality types. With millions of reports generated over the last 10 years it is a highly reliable and accurate tool.

The Study Australia Employability Hub offers a growing suite of customised resources designed to prepare students for the global employment market, including location-specific information from across federal, state and territory governments.

To support your students in their quest to find their ideal course and career, or to discover your career personality, head to