ABS releases 2020 travel export data

28 Jun 2021

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released 2020 travel export data. The following report outlines top markets for export growth in comparison with 2019 data. Key results for education-related travel by market, sector, state and territory are included.

Top markets:

  • total education export earnings decreased by 21.4 per cent to $31.7 billion in 2020.
  • the Philippines recorded the largest volume increase (up $84 million) and was the only one of the top 10 markets to experience growth.
  • some other markets experienced growth, including Bhutan (up $17 million), Cambodia (up $7 million), Myanmar (up $8 million) and Argentina (up $5 million).

Education export income ($m) by market


By state/territory

  • Education export earnings decreased in all states, except the Northern Territory, which experienced a 6 per cent increase (up $10 million).

Education export income ($m) by state/territory


By sector:

  • Education export income declined in all sectors in 2020. VET was the only sector with results comparable to 2019 levels, decreasing by just 1.3 per cent.
  • Higher education generated two thirds of the international education export income (accounting for $21.1 billion dollars), despite a 24 per cent reduction.

Education export income ($m) by sector, with per cent change in 2020


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