Austrade report: Vietnam edtech scoping study

25 Feb 2020

Austrade has conducted a scoping study on edtech in Vietnam, to obtain an in-depth understanding of the market and explore potential areas for Australia to promote competitive advantages for developing and delivering online education, as well as other edtech solutions in Vietnam.

This scoping study is an outcome of the Market Action Plan (MAP) — Vietnam (funded by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment under the Enabling Growth and Innovation program).

The report presents a comprehensive overview of the market development process, particularly in the context of Vietnam’s booming digital economy and takes into account demands for upskilling the current workforce and preparing students for jobs of the future. With historical insights from e-learning programs to current and diverse technology solutions in the education sector, the report presents an outlook of opportunities for Australian education organisations and businesses interested in entering the Vietnam market, while exploring appropriate business and partnership models.

The report reviews the current market status, with specific case studies and competitor analysis. The examples include best practice approaches from universities in Vietnam in developing Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) for distribution of digital content aligned with current school curriculum. The report also outlines key areas of potential for Australian institutions and businesses to explore entry to market strategies and partnership models across various education sub-sectors.

Vietnamese partners including government education agencies, institutions and technology businesses have expressed interest in partnerships with Australian capabilities in edtech. They are keen to learn more about specific sub-sector advantages and discuss partnership options.

Austrade Vietnam will host two webinar sessions, tentatively scheduled on Wednesday 8 April 2020.

The two webinars will each have a different sector-focus:

  1. Early childhood education and the schools sector and
  2. Higher education and vocational education and training.

The sessions will provide further detail on the report and an expression of current opportunities.

To ensure the webinars are tailored and relevant to your needs, please complete an EOI Form by 18 March 2020.

For more details, please contact Ms Huong Ngo — Senior Business Development Manager, Austrade Hanoi.