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Brazilian Education and Language Travel Association release latest survey results

07 Oct 2020

In September, BELTA (the Brazilian Educational and Language Travel Association) released the latest edition of a survey on the Brazilian international education market. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, this edition had an additional aim to investigate the impacts of COVID-19 across the sector.

According to the survey on the impact of COVID-19 on the Brazil market, the highlights are:

  • The most important issues for agents and students are safety and the existence of appropriate safety protocols, the right academic infrastructure to receive students and the technical resources to provide classes in a hybrid format. The reference countries are New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
  • One third of Brazilian students will continue with their plans having just postponed their travel
  • 90 per cent of students are waiting for countries to reopen borders before they begin planning a study trip
  • The top five post-pandemic destinations are in order: Canada, the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand
  • Face-to-face classes (without an online component either in Brazil or in a foreign country) is still the preferred format for students, followed by hybrid models
  • 98 per cent of agents were negatively impacted by the crisis with an average of 46 per cent drop in sales.

The survey was distributed to more than 500 education agents, who then distributed the survey to students. In total, the survey had 2,837 student responses.

For further information please contact Lais Araujo — Business Development Manager, Austrade Brazil.