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Enhancements to DESE’s Country Education Profiles

10 Aug 2021

The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) has invested in major upgrades to the usability and technical infrastructure of its qualifications recognition information products and services. In July 2021, the Country Education Profiles (CEPs) have been, aimed at improving the user experience to facilitate more efficient and confident decision-making in the assessment of overseas qualifications.

The new CEP design has been modernised to encompass a new and more user-friendly design, while also tablet and smart-phone friendly.

CEPs provide comprehensive guidance on the comparability of post-secondary qualifications in the Australian context, for 126 countries. The CEPs are developed by DESE and are a trusted qualifications recognition tool in Australia and overseas, considered by a diverse range of organisations as an essential tool for those working to assess foreign qualifications. 

In the last year, DESE has delivered updated CEPs for a vast range of countries, including Botswana, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, Cook Islands, Hong Kong, Philippines, Kiribati, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Tonga, Georgia, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Israel, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru and South Korea.

DESE will start publishing more regular and targeted CEP information updates soon, including for Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand and the United States. The updated Australia Country Education Profile will also be published to support the recognition of Australian studies and qualifications globally.

DESE welcomes feedback on the new CEP design, and also input on which CEPs your organisation would like to see updated, at CEPonline@DESE.gov.au.

For more information about the CEPs, please visit Country Education Profiles.

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