Full Year 2020 international student data available

08 Mar 2021

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment has released international student data for the full calendar year (December 2020). Compared to 2019, key results include:

  • Total enrolments decreased by 7.3 per cent, while commencements decreased by 21.9 per cent.
  • All sectors experienced declines in commencements and VET was the only sector that experienced growth in enrolments (up 9.2%).
  • Six of the top 25 markets by enrolments experienced increases. The three fastest growing were the Philippines (17.7%), Pakistan (4.2%) and India (4.1%).
  • China, India and Nepal accounted for half (50.9 per cent) of all enrolments.


The December 2020 data should be interpreted with caution. Under the current unprecedented conditions an enrolment does not confirm if a student was in Australia at the time of reporting.

MIP subscribers can view the latest data on the Student data dashboard, and a public monthly summary is also available.

Data enquiries can be directed to IEdata@austrade.gov.au