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Inclusion of onshore visa refusals in the Evidence Level (EL) framework

09 Jul 2019

The Department of Home Affairs intends to include onshore refusals in the Evidence Level (EL) reports of education providers. Currently, only offshore refusals are used to calculate ELs. This change is one of the recommendations from the appraisal of the SSVF conducted in 2018 and will take effect from 1 September 2019.

For the September update, a provider’s EL will be determined by using data in the current model (i.e. offshore only) for the first six months (July to December 2018), then for the second six months (January to June 2019) using data for the new model, which will include onshore decisions, including refusals.

For the March 2020 update, onshore and offshore data will be used for the full 12 months. Further information and a factsheet will soon be available on the Home Affairs website.