YTD April 2022 international student data available

12 Jul 2022

The Department of Education has released year to date (YTD) April 2022 international student data. There were 456,811 international students on student visas for YTD April 2022, down 13 per cent or 67,301 on April 2021.

  • The student markets with the largest decreases were China (down 16 per cent decrease or 25,155 on April 2021) and India (down 18 per cent or 16,086 students on April 2021).
  • Overall, China and India contributed 61% of the total loss in students for YTD April 2022.
    • The number of students studying offshore decreased by 42 per cent from 152,888 to 89,082

There have been more students complete, discontinue, or defer than start studies. While YTD April 2022 commencements are up 6 per cent (or 8,584) to 150,834, enrolments fell 14 per cent (or 78,857) to 496,232.

  • All sectors experienced declines in enrolments:
    • Higher Education which contributed 56 per cent of enrolments in YTD April 2022, had 13 per cent or 42,939 less enrolments than in April 2021.
    • VET, the next largest sector (37 per cent), had 11 per cent or 23,068 fewer enrolments compared with April 2021.
    • Schools (down 30 per cent), ELICOS (down 25%) and Non-award (down 24 per cent) had larger proportional losses in enrolments on April 2021.
  • The increase in total commencements was concentrated rather than spread across sectors.
    • Higher education commencements were up 13 per cent or 8,039 on April 2021. This accounted for 94% of the total increase.
    • The VET (up 377) and ELICOS (up 576) sectors had modest increases in commencements.
    • The Non-award sector (down 329) had the largest decrease in commencements compared to April 2021.
  • The markets with the largest volume increases in student commencements YTD April 2022 have been:
    • Nepal (up 7,132 on April 2021)
    • India (up 5,741)
    • Thailand (up 1,935)
    • Pakistan (up 1,421)
    • Philippines (up 1,063).
  • In contrast, student commencements are down 9,681 for China and 1,349 for Colombia on April 2021.

NOTE: Note that under the current unprecedent conditions, enrolment does not confirm if a student was in Australia at the time of reporting

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