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China report – Provincial and civic analysis of student visa applications (2012-2017)

26 Jun 2018

The number of Chinese students applying for an Australian student visa continues to grow. This analysis examines the geographic origin of Chinese applicants who lodged an Australian student visa application (outside of Australia) from 2012 to June 2017, offering an insight into growing and developing student hubs both at a provincial and civic level in Mainland China.

The data used for this analysis was provided by the Department of Home Affairs. Student visa applications are categorised by residential locality (city, province), gender and visa subclass. The analysis contained in the report offers insights into the geographic origin and level of education of each applicant as a basis to assess shifts in source market volume and application grant rates. The application lodgement locations are analysed at a provincial, municipal and civic level. In turn, it allows each location to be ranked against one another and compared over time.