The role of Austrade

Austrade is responsible for the international marketing and promotion of Australian education and training.

Through an extensive international network, Austrade is well-positioned to identify quality opportunities and timely market intelligence. Information gathered in-market is disseminated to the Australian education sector to assist providers make informed decisions and develop strategies to develop international relationships and business. A key priority is the development of transnational education opportunities in growth and emerging markets, especially in Asia.

To build Australia’s reputation and assist with sustainably growing Australian international education, Austrade is strategic in its activities to ensure high value outcomes. Austrade activities include in-market promotional events, in-country briefings, market-specific analysis, targeted research, online seminars, identification of high quality opportunities and tailored support for providers from education advisers.

Key to promoting Australia in overseas markets, the Future Unlimited brand builds an innovative and inspirational image of Australian education with a focus on graduate outcomes. Australia is positioned as a world-class supplier of education services offering graduates global career opportunities and a bright future.

The Framework for International Marketing and Promotion of Australian Education and Training, which comprises three strategic objectives and five key priorities, guides all of Austrade's education promotion work.

International Education Digital Engagement Framework Scoping Study

This report prepared by Deloitte Digital and EduWorld highlights the importance of digital engagement by international students and the need to collaborate effectively to improve the full digital experience of those seeking international education and grow Australia’s sector.

The report highlights three key areas of shared opportunity to improve the digital experience of international students who are prospective and in Australia. They are: digital marketing, digital journey and digital quality.

The International Education Digital Engagement Framework Scoping Study was funded by the Department of Education and Training through the Enabling Growth and Innovation program and forms part of a broad range of activities underway to ensure the Australian education sector remains globally competitive.

How Austrade can help

Austrade provides a range of products and services to Australian education and training organisations.

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