Australian international education is a world-leading brand. Australia’s National Strategy for International Education aims to build on the current success of the system and capitalise on new opportunities so that Australian international education helps individuals, communities and industry around the world to reach their potential.

AIE2025 is a long-term market development roadmap to support the international education sector’s sustained long-term growth. The AIE2025 Roadmap has been co-created by Australia’s international education sector together with Austrade and other arms of government to complement Australia's National Strategy for International Education, by identifying what we collectively need to do to excel globally on a scale like never before. It complements a broad range of other government initiatives including the Australia Global Alumni Strategy and the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

AIE2025 reflects the views of the Australian sector on what needs to be done to enable long-term sustainable growth.


AIE2025 Roadmap

The AIE2025 long-term market development roadmap.

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Growth and opportunity

Austrade-commissioned research by Deloitte Access Economics and EduWorld.

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Game Changers

Ideas that will shift the current way of doing things.

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AIE2025 is a co-creation between the sector and government.

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News and Research

The latest AIE2025 news and research.

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