Consultation and co-creation

The development of AIE2025 was informed by wide-ranging consultation with the sector across Australia in 2015 and 2016. The consultation intentionally sought to hear views from both established education providers and non-traditional players. The consultations were couched against the question of maximising the sector’s contribution to Australia’s economy, society and international standing, and explored ambitious challenges for growth of the sector over the next ten years.

Success will rely on a spirit of shared ownership, and leadership by the sector. This will involve considering new ideas, prototyping and investing in them, and learning from experience. It will involve providers leading and participating in the game-changers and embodying the culture and behaviours identified as key to success – particularly putting aside a ‘compete at all costs’ approach and making serious efforts to work collaboratively.

Governments enable the activation. Facilitating the process of idea generation and responding where the sector show that they are leading the way and a government response can remove an impediment, or amplify growth. Australian, state and territory, and local governments, all have a role to play in fostering the right environment to enable the sectors’ success and cross-government collaboration needs to be strong so that our approaches are complementary and collectively enable the sector.

Background on the consultations: