Game changers

Game-changers are ideas that shift the current way of doing things. Consultation with the sector identified the below game-changers as the key areas to focus activation of AIE2025, to best enable the sector in pursuing new opportunities for growth.

Compete at scale

How do we form the scale required to compete to excel?

Under this game-changer, we will trial initiatives targeted at building new networks and linkages across the sector, building capability to form successful consortia and partnerships, and improving the sectors approach to understanding and articulating capability strengths.

Embrace borderless learning 24/7

How do we use new channels and approaches so that ‘2025 students’ can access the best of Australia’s education offerings – when and where it will optimise their learning outcome?

Under this game-changer the sector will need to lead by defining their individual aspirations in the borderless space and integrating that into their business model and offering. The government will consider how to gain more meaningful data on the borderless space and options for how we can lend quality assurance approaches to this delivery model so that we maintain Australia’s reputation for high-quality learning.

Unleash technology

How can the sector harness technology and data to improve their offerings?

Providers need to understand best-practice use of technology in learning delivery, and consider this against their own aspirations and capacity to develop their competency and systems – to place technology at the heart of how they improve their service offering – and embrace rather than resist technological change. Government must also improve its understanding among the sector of best-practice initiatives in technology application to learning, and to our own promotional and marketing activities of the sector – to showcase and build a reputation of technological innovation.

Sharpen market focus

Where is our greatest comparative advantage and how do we maximise its impact on our approach to market?

The government will highlight to the sector the areas of greatest prospective opportunity and trial initiatives in new and emergent markets to test how well we can develop these opportunities. The sector must take a longer-term view themselves of where they are best placed to compete, and how the brand of Australian international education can best support the achievement of our aspiration.

Attract global capital

How do we ensure that growth aspirations are supported by sufficient investment to sustain growth and improvement?

Significant sustainable growth requires investment. Not just traditional attraction to build infrastructure capacity but a smarter approach to attracting the capital necessary to develop and translate new ideas into profitable ventures and to expand existing supply in the borderless space to meet demand.

Maintain an Australian edge

What unique element of the Australian education approach can we capitalise on to build our reputation and attractiveness as a provider of learning?

Under this game-changer, the sector and governments will work collaboratively to consider new approaches and changes that could enable a new series of growth in the sector, or that can significantly add to our competitive edge as a provider of choice. This includes idea generation, sectoral leads developing proposals with government facilitation, and working together to make these ideas a practical reality that are then applied to our international marketing efforts.