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Eligibility and fees

The Market Information Package (MIP) is an information service offered to eligible organisations on an annual subscription basis. An organisation may provide MIP access to any number of its individual staff members at no additional cost.

Any organisation with a unique ABN must subscribe as a unique organisation and cannot access the MIP under the subscription of a parent/sibling organisation.

Austrade will determine the organisation type that your organisation is eligible under at the time of application.

Fees for CRICOS-registered organisations are calculated according to the number of student enrolments at the institution in the previous calendar year.

Eligible organisations

Organisation type Annual fee (A$)
(excludes GST)

CRICOS registered institutions
Education institutions that are CRICOS registered (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas students), the Australian Government register for education institutions providing courses for people studying in Australia on student visas.

$200 (GST Exclusive) + $2 for each international student enrolled in the previous calendar year up to a ceiling of 1,500 students and there after a rate of $0.40 per student to a subscription fee cap of $9,000 (GST Exclusive).

$200 - $9,000

NON-CRICOS registered education organisations and Edtech organisations

  • Non-CRICOS registered providers offering AQF-accredited (Australian Qualification Framework) and/or non-formal Australian education and training services delivered in Australia or offshore.
  • Developers of technology-based platforms and services for the delivery of education and training products.
Representative bodies
A peak body or advocacy association with specific interests in the Australian international education sector.

Government bodies
Australian Government bodies involved in policy and promotion of international education. Excludes government bodies of a commercial nature, and/or those that are CRICOS registered.
Fee waived

Other "Special case" MIP subscription
Organisations involved in the international education and training industry that do not match an eligible organisation type listed above, including sole operator consultancies.
Mandatory criteria:

  • Australian organisation (with an ABN); and
  • Demonstrated commitment to the best interests of the Australian education sector.

"Special case" applications

Organisations involved in the international education and training industry that do not match an eligible organisation type (as listed above) may be considered for a "Special case" MIP subscription. Special case applications will be granted for a subscription period of 12 months only. Clients granted access in this category must meet the criteria for each 12-month period of subscription, whether sequential or otherwise. Austrade is not required to accept any special case applications and does so at its absolute discretion. Education agents, media organisations and organisations who provide consulting services are not eligible for MIP access.

Terms and conditions of access

All subscribed organisations and individuals accessing the Market Information Package agree to abide by the terms and conditions.

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