Strategic messages

Austrade has created a range of high-quality resources to help the international education sector promote study in Australia.

The strategic marketing messages focus on promoting Australian education in a consistent way, honing in on key points  of difference that appeal to an international audience. The six attributes are each supported by headline statements, messages and proof points.

This suite of resources is designed to complement and strengthen the existing messaging used in presentations and promotions by the international education sector for international audiences – students, parents or education partners.

Embracing a singular vision and consistent voice will amplify the message heard around the world championing Australia’s unique education offering.

Choose from any of the six attributes below (available as downloadable PDFs). The range of headlines statements, compelling facts, messages and proof points can be used interchangeably around each attribute. They incorporate case studies, statistics and independent rankings.

Alternatively, you can download all six attributes.

More information

See below for how you can use this content, how these messages were developed and how to contribute to this resource.


How you can use this content

This resource has been created to be as modular and versatile as possible.

Use it in whole or in part, to augment or expand upon your organisation’s promotions, to provide a broader context for your presentation content, or to add proof to claims and propositions.

The messages are optimistic, confident and premium in tone. They’re intended to be ‘brand-neutral’ so they can work in conjunction with your organisation’s own marketing materials.

How these messages were developed

We’ve consulted widely with representatives from every state and territory. We’ve sought input from providers from all sectors and Austrade staff around the world. As a result, we’ve been able to isolate the primary factors which motivate students to choose Australia.

This project has been made possible with funding from the Australian Government’s Enabling Growth and Innovation grant.

Contributing to this resource

Continuing to build a bank of evidence and case studies to support the claims we make in our promotional messages will help to strengthen and reinforce our brand and reputation across the six core themes.

To contribute to these marketing messages with your own proof points and/or case studies, please email