Tailored services

Austrade provides a range of tailored services to support the international engagement strategies of Australian education and training providers, including:

  • Help with international market selection including help assessing market potential; information and advice on education services suitability; and information specific to education services including market barriers and regulations.
  • Identification of relevant international contacts including potential partners, agents or customers; relevant foreign regulatory agencies and authorities; local market or industry experts; or other specialist external service providers.
  • Assistance with market entry and expansion such as market entry and strategy advice including tailored research; marketing and promotional advice; assistance and introductions for setting up a presence in an international market; and appointment programs, including business matching.
  • Identification and follow-up of specific international education opportunities including dissemination of qualified overseas business opportunities; facilitation of meetings in Australia with international education representatives and providers; and advice and assistance to follow up identified opportunities.

All education services are guided by the Framework for International Marketing and Promotion of Australian Education and Training, endorsed by the Minister for Trade on 13 January 2011.

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Accessing Austrade services

Before contacting Austrade for assistance, education providers should undertake the following tasks in preparation:

  • Consider if your organisation is ready to provide international education services and be sure to understand exactly what is involved. Essential information includes the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislative framework, which sets out the regulatory requirements for delivering international education services.
  • Build an international engagement strategy:
    • consider which countries hold the best prospects and opportunities for your institution
    • conduct desktop research to understand the key characteristics of each market
    • identify events overseas that can be leveraged to promote education courses or services
    • visit overseas markets to learn more about particular requirements
    • consider subscribing to Austrade’s Market Information Package (MIP), a useful service that provides market intelligence and opportunities for the international education sector.
  • Develop a brief for Austrade which includes:
    • samples of your marketing collateral
    • international engagement plans
    • an outline of your ideal partner
    • plans of your overseas travel
    • any contacts that you'd like to meet during an overseas visit.

After this preliminary work is complete, contact Austrade to speak with an education adviser about available assistance: telephone on 13 28 78 or email info@austrade.gov.au