Compete at scale: Consortia models and toolkit

Competing at scale is one of the six game-changing themes of AIE2025 – the long-term development roadmap for the Australian international education, skills and training sector.
Austrade has commissioned research from Ernst & Young to provide actionable information on the use of consortia, partnerships and collaboration to service global-scale demand for borderless and offshore education, and give Australia’s international education sector a key competitive advantage.

The research report provides comprehensive information on consortia opportunities, challenges, and pathways for Australian SMEs delivering education and training services.

The Consortia Toolkit is a step-by-step guide to using a consortium model to pursue large-scale borderless and offshore opportunities.

Report: Consortia Opportunities and Pathways for Australian SMEs delivering Education and Training services

This report focuses on the ‘Compete at scale’ game changer and the use of consortia, partnerships and collaboration to enable the Australian education and training sector to service global-scale demand.

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Toolkit: Step-by-step guide on using consortia to pursue large-scale borderless and offshore opportunities

This Toolkit adopts a 7 step approach to success, from committing to a consortium approach as a potential business model, through to the opportunity identification and pursuit, consortium formation, project delivery and final review.

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