Step 1: Commit to a consortium approach


  1. Each potential consortium member to define their unique approach and offering to a potential consortium and how this fits its own international strategy:
    • Define objective of using a consortium model: e.g. to increase scale, or bring in market/ product expertise to complement own, or defray/ disperse risk, etc.
    • Articulate what types of consortium partners you need, your organisation’s offering, risk appetite and allowable investment levels.
  2. Each potential consortium member to confirm that using a consortium model is a viable approach for their organisation:
    • Review the benefits and costs for specific business.
    • Evaluate the skills and the competencies that an organisation would bring to a consortium.
    • Seek management or board commitment.
    • Seek approval for resource allocation including finances to enable international travel and shared promotion.
  3. If management or board approval is received and resources are able to be allocated proceed to next steps.
  4. Indicate openness to working in a consortium to industry peak bodies, state and territory governments and Austrade.


“Collaborating with other providers in Australia on domestic opportunities allowed us to understand our own competitive advantage as well as the capabilities of potential partners. It helped build trust and made it easier to venture overseas together.” – RTO member of a state-led training consortium



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