Step 4: Respond to the opportunity


  1. Form a ‘consortium pursuit group’ from members of the consortium. Include government supported resources to respond to the opportunity if relevant and available
  2. Prepare joint response to the opportunity. This could be a business plan or proposal depending on the type of opportunity
    • It should cover relevant aspects of how the consortium will work together to cover customer specifications and needs, technology requirements, curriculum, job outcomes, the qualification framework applicable, quality assurance and delivery
    • It should emphasise the value proposition that the consortium brings together including competitive advantages over standalone solutions
  3. Formalise and agree on the business model and operating model for the consortium including revenue sharing model and delivery model
  4. Submit response to tenderer/ customer as applicable or submit business plan to consortium members for sign off
  5. If response is successful proceed to formal consortium formation, if not proceed to step 7 - Review outcomes and adjust approach as necessary


“Whilst the negotiation step took some time, it was worthwhile, because we now have a good level of trust amongst all members of the consortia, and each member is satisfied with issues around revenue and cost sharing.” – TAFE member of an industry focused consortium


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