Step 7: Review outcomes and adjust approach as necessary


  1. At the end of the project, the consortium working group should analyse performance of the consortium:
    • Compare actual performance versus plan covering key performance indicators (KPIs) such as financial targets, operating parameters and customer feedback 
    • Identify lessons learned that may be used to adjust the business model or operating model in future projects
  2. Each member to review own KPIs and decide whether to continue with the consortium
  3. Consortium working group to review outcomes and recommend next steps for the consortium such as:
    • Maintain the consortium: Develop a standing business development working group to pursue future opportunities and allocate ongoing resources for the consortium
    • Restructure the consortium: Transfer ownership of program/consortium legal entities to another party, potentially in response to a new opportunity
    • Disband the consortium: Wind down including terminating contracts and settling finances


“We found it very important to review the outcomes of each project we bid for, whether we were successful or not, to ensure the consortium delivered results for our business. It also helped us with identifying companies we would like to work with in the future and refine our approach to business development and responding to the customer.” – RTO member of a state-led training consortium
“We have agreed on the types of projects we will work on together where we don’t compete and those we will work on as individual institutions. It has taken some time to work through this, but it’s important that as a group we all understand the consortium’s framework.” – Higher education consortium



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