Grant framework


  • The Commonwealth Grant Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs) are a legislative instrument under the Public Performance and Governance Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and provide the overarching grants framework under which government entities undertake grants administration.
  • There are seven key principles of CGRGs, including
    1. Robust Planning and Design
    2. Collaboration and Partnership
    3. Proportionality
    4. An Outcomes orientation 
    5. Achieving value with relevant money
    6. Governance and Accountability
    7. Probity and Transparency
  • The CGRGs require officials to have regard to the seven key principles when they are undertaking grants administration
  • This means that in addition to being compliant with the EMDG Act and the Rules, Austrade must also
  • Establish practices and procedures to ensure that grant administration is conducted in accordance with these seven key principles
  • Ensure that requirements of CGRGs are well understood
  • Ensure that requirements are effectively incorporated in the administration of EMDG

While the EMDG legislation provides the legal authority, Austrade must also act in accordance with the PGPA Act and Rule, and the CGRGs, in relation to the proposed expenditure of relevant money.



Grants administration encompasses all processes involved in the grant lifecycle. The CGRGs apply to all activities and decisions, including:

  1. design of grant opportunities and activities;
  2. assessment and selection of grantees;
  3. establishment of grants;
  4. ongoing management of grantees and grant activities; and
  5. evaluation of grant opportunities and activities.