Milestone reports and payments

Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) grantees must provide us with a milestone report before we make a milestone payment. Your grant agreement will specify:

  • when you should provide us with a milestone report
  • what it must detail.

You must submit a milestone report:

To find out how to fill out and submit your milestone report, you can view the:

Extension to Round 1 milestone report due date

We extended the due date for Round 1 milestone reports from 30 August to 30 September 2022. This applies to eligible expenditure incurred in 2021-22. We extended this to assist with the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on Australian businesses.

The extension applied to all Round 1 grantees to ensure transparency and equity. The extension:

  • is a one-off occurrence. We won’t extend future milestone report due dates
  • may impact our time frames for completing assessments and making payments.

Milestone reports lodged later will be assessed and paid later. We will continue to assess and make payments in the order we receive the reports.

Record keeping for eligible expenses

You need to document evidence for eligible expenses you incur for your grant agreement. Your grant agreement will specify what evidence you will need to provide with your milestone report. We may ask you for further evidence such as:

  • supporting documents
  • invoices and payment details for expenses
  • invoices for export earnings.

We may contact your overseas representative in person or by phone to clarify activities they do on your behalf.

Read our guide EMDG milestone reports - How to input eligible expenses (DOCX 671KB)

Milestone payments

A milestone payment is your grant payment. The timing of your milestone payments is set out in your grant agreement.

We will make milestone payments to the bank account you specified in your agreement. The bank account listed in your agreement must belong to, or be under the control of, the grantee.

Eligibility for milestone payments

You will not get a milestone payment until we accept the milestone report. An assessor may ask you for more information if needed.

We will only make milestone payments if:

  • you meet the eligibility requirements
  • your expenses are eligible expenses in relation to an eligible product
  • you meet your commitments under your grant agreement, particularly those that relate to the type of grant you are receiving (Tier 1, 2 or 3 or representative body).

To allow us to assess your milestone report, you need to show us that you:

  • did your planned activities
  • met the goals identified in your plan to market.

Matched funding

You must show your spending on eligible expenses for double your grant amount. If you:

  • spend more than double, you won’t get more grant money
  • spend less than double, you will only get an amount equal to the amount you contributed.

Examples of matched funding

Example 1

Jade has a Tier 2 grant agreement. It is up to $18,000 per financial year over 2 years. In this case she must spend up to $36,000 per financial year on eligible expenses. This is so she can get a milestone payment of up to $18,000.

Example 2

John’s grant agreement states that he can access $60,000 in a given financial year. He must match that amount to get the full amount in his grant agreement. This means the total amount spent on marketing activities must be at least $120,000 in that financial year for him to get the full $60,000 milestone payment.

Note that $60,000 is the maximum he will get for that financial year. If he spends $100,000 on eligible activities in that financial year, he will get a $50,000 milestone payment. If he spends more than $120,000, for example $140,000, he can only get up to the maximum $60,000 grant amount. This is as per his grant agreement.

When to expect grant payments

Each grant agreement determines the timing of your payments. Grant agreements set out a reporting and payment schedule. They describe how you can seek a milestone payment.

The agreement will also include the maximum grant amount that you would be eligible to get. This is provided that you:

  • do eligible promotional activities
  • incur eligible expenditure.

Nominated bank accounts

The bank account listed in your agreement must belong to, or be under the control of, the grantee.

We made this change to the new program as it is subject to the Commonwealth Grant Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs) 2017 on In particular, Section 12 of CGRGs on Governance and Accountability.

Please ensure your bank account details are accurate. Errors will delay payments.

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