Business hours

Business hours in Tanzania are generally between 9.00am to 5.00pm. There is a one hour lunch break between from 1.00pm to 2.00pm. Some businesses open on Saturday morning from 9.00am to 1.00pm.

Public holidays

January 1 - New Year’s Day
January 3 - Milad un Nabi (Birth of the Prophet Muhammad)
January 12 - Zanzibar Revolution Day
April 3 - Good Friday
April 6 - Easter Monday
April 7 - Heroes Day (Zanzibar only)
April 26 - Union Day
May 1 - Labour Day
July 7 - Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair Day
July 18 - End of Ramadan Day
August 8 - Farmer's Day
September 23 - Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice Day)
October 14 - Nyerere Day
December 9 - Independence and Republic Day
December 25 - Christmas Day
December 26 - Boxing Day


Tanzania has a tropical climate, but has regional variations due to topography. The coolest months occur during the northern hemisphere’s summer and all-year round the weather remains pleasant and comfortable. Between June and October, temperatures range from around 10°C in the northern highlands to about 23°C on the coast.

The main rainy season or the 'long rains' falls from March till May. The long dry season lasts throughout June, July, August, September and October when rainfall is unusual, even on the islands. During November and December there's another rainy season: the 'short rains'. These are much lighter than the main rains and less reliable. Tanzania is characterised by a coastline, a sizable section of the Great Rift Valley, a handful of mountains and by a central plateau that levels out at about 1500m.

For weather details in Tanzania, please visit the World Meteorological Organization.


Oanda currency converter

The official currency is Tanzania Shilling (TSH).


There are 34 licenced commercial banks, both local and international, as well as a number of licensed non-bank financial institutions that offer financial related services. The Bank of Tanzania regulates the financial sector.

Bank hours in Tanzania are typically 8.30am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 1pm on Saturday. You get a significantly better rate for large denomination bills (US$50 and $100 bills) than small ones.

There are ATMs (cashpoints) in all cities and towns in Tanzania and these are the best way to get hold of local currency and most accept Visa cards. Foreigners can open accounts with any commercial bank. Different banks offer different types of accounts to suit various needs and requirements.

Time zones and time differences

Tanzania is seven hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

To find out the current time in Dodoma capital, visit the World Clock.

Dialling codes

Tanzania country code is +255.

For calls to Tanzania from Australia dial: 00 +255 + area code + telephone number.

For calls from Tanzania to Australia dial: 00 + 61 + area code + telephone number.

For further information (e.g. area codes) please visit the White Pages - international dialling codes.

Electricity and water

Tanzania is powered by a 250V, 50 cycles, AC network. Those bringing electrical items from home may wish to invest in a power breaker: Tanzania’s electricity supply can be erratic on occasions, and power surges could impair the efficacy of your electrical instruments, if not melt them altogether. Plugs and sockets vary in style, though by far the most common are the British three-square-pin sockets.

It is recommended that visitors drink bottled water and never from the tap.

Links and resources

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Travel and tourism

Tanzania Touristboard
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