Argentine tax laws are complex and change often. We recommend hiring professional advice if you are opening a subsidiary or exporting services.

Argentina levies taxes at the national, provincial and municipal level.

The treaty for the avoidance of double taxation between Argentina and Australia has been in force since 2000 and includes:

Dividends: withholdings are limited to 10 per cent when the shareholder possesses at least 25 per cent of the company, 15 per cent in all other cases.
Interest: withholdings are limited to 12 per cent.
Royalties: maximum withholdings, which vary between 10 per cent (e.g. for technical assistance) and 15 per cent, depending on the type of royalty involved.
Employment: determined independently, unless a person resided for more than 183 days in one of the two states in any calendar year.
Other income tax: only applicable in the state of residence.
Additionally, the Treaty includes clauses on exchange of information, non-discrimination and fiscal credits for persons who are residents of both states.