• Agritec to Chile - Chile’s agricultural sector is the country’s second most important export industry after mining. Annual exports have averaged $US19 billion over the past three years (Source: Rabobank, Latin America: agricultural perspectives, 28 September 2015).
  • Energy to Chile - Chile imports 60 per cent of its primary energy and as a net importer it has been subject to volatility in international market prices and supply restrictions. In the last decade Chile’s energy sector has also been marked by gas supply disruptions from Argentina, prolonged and severe droughts, challenging permitting and social environments for new largescale projects, the dominance of three main generation companies and scarce investment in transmission. As a result, the country has one of the highest energy costs in Latin America, with household prices averaging US$188,1p/MWh in 2014. The current government has refocused its agenda on developing a long term energy policy aimed at lowering marginal costs and keeping consumer electricity prices under control by promoting efficient energy use and investment in diverse generation projects.
  • Food to Chile - Although Chile is a net exporter of food products it’s becoming an interesting market for Australian products, with Chileans spending 2.3 per cent of their annual income on food.
  • Infrastructure to Chile - Chile’s sophisticated infrastructure market has attracted world-class investors, ranging from international and local construction companies and infrastructure operators to private equity and pension funds.
  • Mining to Chile - A major driver of the Chilean economy is the mining industry. Mineral resource processing and the development of the sector is a vital economic activity. The mining sector contributed to more than 60 per cent of 2013’s exports and 12 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).


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